Backup Your New Computer

Apple Time Machine

Apple Time Machine

So you got a brand new computer for Christmas! So how to you protect that computer’s data, once you’ve installed apps, added videos and pictures, and everything else you put on your computer? If you got a new Mac, you’re in luck. Apple’s Time Machine is an excellent, worry free backup system. But if you got a Windows machine, no such luck. But Richmond Media has some holiday advice.

Most computer systems no longer include “Recovery Media” (Disks or CDs used to restore your computer system to it’s factory shipped state). Many do not even include Operating System disks. This is not specific to systems purchased from any one company, but now standard practice throughout the entire industry. However, many manufacturers include software on the hard drive that creates recovery media for you. This allows burning your own set of recovery CDs or DVDs – all you need is the blank media.

Inclusion of such a recovery utility varies by manufacturer and model; not all manufactures and models include such a utility. For those that include such a utility we recommend you create your own set of recovery media after completing the Windows installation. In other words, right after you start using your PC! If you fail to do this and encounter a difficulty in the future you may not be able to properly restore your computer.

Some manufacturers may have physical recovery media available separately for purchase; consult your owner’s manual support information section for additional information. Systems that do not come with a CD/DVD burner may still include Recovery Disks – please check the manufacturer’s specs.

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