These are mostly Flash online or CD ROM presentations. Flash files will NOT play on some mobile devices.

Richmond Media tutorials for Delta Dental

Delta Dental Tutorials

Delta Dental Tutorials

We have just completed a large project for Delta Dental of Virginia, the largest dental insurance provider in the state. We built a complete system of video tutorials showing both subscribers and providers how to use the system.

A total of 19 instructional videos were produced. Voiceovers lead the user through the tutorials, while captured video from the site illustrates how to use the features of the website.

All videos show as Flash in internet browsers, but when accessed from a smart phone, they are shown in whatever format the phone will receive.

Thanks to everyone who participated, the fine people at Delta Dental are a joy to work with!

Renaissance Homes Demo Renaissance Homes Interactive CD-ROM Intro
This is the Flash intro for the Renaissance Homes project featured above. While the “Building Responsibly” section is converted video, this intro is all Flash, created from scratch.
ECPI Career Services ECPI Career Services Interactive CD-ROM
This presentation was created for ECPI’s Career Services, and highlights opportunities for both ECPI graduates and businesses. This is a CD ROM presentation, so you need a VERY FAST internet connection to view.
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MDE Presentation Mercury Data Exchange Online PresentationAn online demo for dental office record keeping. This demo uses captured screen videos showing how the client’s billing software works. We also developed a kiosk version for trade shows.
MCI presentation MCI – In Their Own Words
This is a segment of an interactive presentation for Medical Careers Institute, designed to be run on a large screen from a laptop to show to high school students. The presentation also features videos, case studies, an interactive trivia game and more.
Renaissance Homes Demo Building Responsibly – Renaissance Homes
We created this presentation as a part of a larger project for Renaissance Homes. The presentation highlights different aspects of the builder’s business, and concentrates on some of the features of luxury homes.