We have been building restaurant websites for ten years. From budget sites to full featured systems, we have the skill and the knowledge to give customers the information they need.

NEW! Our $700 Budget Restaurant Website!

Budget Restaurant Package

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We have developed a great system to create custom restaurant websites with every feature you need for only $700. Optimized for search engines, you control every page of your website. Features include an embedded Google Map to your restaurant with door to door driving instructions, a PDF menu, a custom page for banquets or anything else, an Event form, a Contact form, Facebook Like button, hours of operation, and our basic search engine optimization package. You can substitute a Job Application form for the Event form if you wish.

You can add options like a Gallery, a text based menu (search engines love those) and more. To see an example, click here. For more information, please contact us.

We Know Restaurants

Do you have empty tables? We want to help! Contact us about our restaurant website packages and we’ll create one for you quickly or we will redesign your current site. Read on for more! What are your customers are looking for? Potential customers in this economy are looking for several things before dining out. They want to know how much it will cost to eat there, what your specials are, how to find you, and what your restaurant looks like.

Every single one of our restaurant packages answer all of these questions, even our budget sites. In addition, all of our sites allow you to edit everything on every page. You can change your menu. You can change your specials. You can change your hours of operation. If you can use Word, you can edit your own website. What else do you need in your restaurant website? You need search engines to find you. Even on our budget sites we use the latest search engine optimization.

I can’t afford a website right now! Sure you can! Our start up sites for as little as $600.00, with only a $200 down payment. Over the course of the first two years, our budget sites are cheaper than those $29.99 per month websites you see on TV. And our sites are better. Plus, if you want to upgrade to a site with more features later, we give you 100% credit for your budget website. See some examples of our restaurant website features below.


Google Map

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Our maps are not only VERY large, they come with interactive, door to door driving directions, to help customers find you, from their home or office.


Menu PDF

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This is a PDF menu that you can change anytime you want. Our premium websites also feature your menu on a page. This helps search engines find you.


Gallery-LeYacaWe feature great galleries for restaurants to show customers what they have to look forward to! They also display VERY well on mobile phones.

Below are examples of a few of our restaurant websites.

Le-YacaWe just rebuilt the very popular Le Yaca website. This high traffic WordPress site features a mobile phone version, Google Map, food slideshow, menus, and a history of the restaurant. We also run their email marketing campaign.

Five Forks CafeWilliamsburg’s popular traditional diner gets the full WordPress treatment. Keeping with the fifties theme of the diner, we tied their Weekend Specials blog to post to their Facebook page, added a slideshow gallery and posted their menus.

Little MexicoA rebuild for a great Mexican restaurant in Richmond, VA. We put their TV spot on their Home page, created a menu page, a Gallery, embedded a Google Map and used a Contact form.

Honey Butter's KitchenHoney Butter’s Kitchen is a new Williamsburg restaurant from the owners of the popular Five Forks Cafe. This WordPress site features a Home page slideshow, embedded Google Map, weekly specials and more.