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BREAKING: After designing and selling touch screen wayfinding systems for years, Richmond Media has developed a truly innovative new way to build touch screen technology that is easy to edit, easy to use and above all, much less expensive than before. Working with SeePoint Interactive Kiosk Systems, we have created a dynamic user interface that is truly innovative.

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THE BIGGEST INNOVATION: People can log in with a smart phone and carry the entire system with them throughout their visit!

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VP Light with Keyboard

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Plasma Stand

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Stainless All In One Kiosk

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Mars Exploration

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ABOUT THE SYSTEM: As wayfinding systems become more complex and difficult for clients to edit, we have chosen instead to simplify the technology. Instead of a Windows application, this is a web-based system. Data can be easily entered and edited with a simple graphic user interface. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can edit our systems.

This is essentially a web based content management system, and as such, it offers features unheard of compared to previous wayfinding systems. Here are some highlights:

  1. Office maps and text directions can be sent to any smart phone that supports text messages and web browsers.
  2. User can touch any map and see it at full screen.
  3. Maps and directions can be printed (disabled in this demo).
  4. Support for rotating ads to generate revenue.
  5. During periods of inactivity, promotional or other videos can be streamed, requiring only a touch to wake the system.
  6. Automatic, scheduled backups of the database, so your data is always protected.
  7. Client can edit, add and delete listings, post events, and more, with an easy to use text editor. If you can use Microsoft Word you can edit our system.
  8. Support for alternative interface designs for special events, holidays, or seasonal use, easily changed by the client.
  9. Richmond Media can access the system remotely, to make changes and add new features.
  10. If you wish, smart phones can access the system, with full functionality.
  11. Branded Maintenance Mode is available to hide the system during maintenance.

THE WHOLE PACKAGE: We can either work with SeePoint to find the perfect touch screen for your needs, or we can work with any existing touch screen you have. Our systems are built so that we can size your system to your touch screen easily and inexpensively.

THE BIGGEST INNOVATION: People can log in with a smart phone and carry the entire system with them throughout their visit!

Our systems can do almost anything. Besides wayfinding for building directories, imagine:

  1. A museum with kiosks at every exhibit, with video commentary, 3d renderings, exhibit locations and maps to other exhibits.
  2. A shopping mall with a store directory, coupon printing and special events notices, paid for by onscreen ads from vendors.
  3. A college campus, with wayfinding, class schedules, instructor bios, job openings and more.
  4. A hotel lobby, with maps to rooms, access to online reservations and specials, paid for by ads for local restaurants and attractions.

Let us make your place of business fully interactive with your customers. CONTACT US for more information.

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