what it does and what it means

Our website analysis process was developed so that we could get it done quickly, which allows us to do more of them efficiently. It is a very specialized process, and it might raise questions when you receive your analysis from us. Below is a FAQ answering questions you might have about the process.

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Why does the analysis only list the problems on my site?

In order to do this quickly, we set it up as a check box system, with text fields we can fill out at the end of the analysis. This way when we look at the site, we can check the items which are bad on your site. Your site might very well have good points. But listing both would mean that our “check box” system wouldn’t work, and it would take much longer to finish our analysis.

What is "Google Page Rank"?

Google gives a 1-10 ranking to all pages. A low ranking doesn’t mean that the page doesn’t show up in Google listings, it means that Google doesn’t see the site as dynamic, well maintained or optimized for search engines.

One thing is important here: Old sites usually get bad rankings, but the age of a site is a positive factor for Google. This means that an old site might appear in Google because of its age, not because it has good content or high rankings.

What is Google's Mobile-Friendly Test?

Google now penalizes websites that it doesn’t judge to have mobile versions. This affects the mobile version of Google, but half of all internet traffic in America is now mobile, so this is very important. You can find out how Google judges your website for mobile accessibility here.

What are all of the items about headings, image tags and meta data?

These are all items that Google uses to rank your website. These are things that can be fixed, whether the site is old or new. They are generally things that were overlooked when the site was created.

Why is social medai important for my site ranking?

This is a bit strange. Social media factors into Google rankings, but we believe that not all kinds of business need social media. For example, a business that interacts with the public in a social way, like a restaurant, can definitely be enhanced by social media. But a septic pumping service isn’t going to be helped by social media.

You should take the kind of business you have into consideration when you see this listed as a flaw in your website.

What happens after you send me my analysis?

That is entirely up to you. We offer a free consultation to go over the analysis, explain why we analyzed it that way, and what options you have.

Unlike many other companies, we will let you know if we think your website is performing well for you. If you choose to fix your site’s problems, we can either work ion your existing site or build a new content management site for you. If it’s not a large site though, building a new site is often cheaper and quicker than working with an old platform.