We started this project after hearing from many clients that they could buy a pre-made template site for as little as $29.99 per month.  Then we actually took a good look at those template systems, which is why we decided that we could do better. MUCH better. Here’s why.


As we mentioned, a $29.99 per month websites sounds great, until you realize that it never ends. You stop paying, your site goes away. With our budget websites, after the first year, you are DONE.


What we generally found were packages that were very basic in terms of features, unless you paid a lot more. Even then, you usually can’t create new pages, add features not supported by the template, blog, or allow people to send you files. And those that did cost a lot more.

We use WordPress technology, which gives you access to thousands of plugins and features. You can add video, start a blog, create new pages, and do almost anything you like.


We were shocked at how old the technology was for many of those bargain, per month websites. Many of them used Flash for the headers, which is ancient technology, and cannot be seen by smart phones. The sites themselves are often very narrow in size, which indicates that they were designed 4 or 5 years ago, back when websites were seen on the old, clunky CRT monitors, which you can’t even buy anymore.

mobile phones

Smart phone users always get a good experience with our websites. Mobile access is very important, and mobile traffic is exploding. Your site will always look great on a smart phone, and the features of your website will work, every time.

search engine optimization

This is back end stuff that you cannot be expected to know much about, but here’s an easy to understand example:

One of the things Google looks at is your page title, which appears at the top of the browser window. But on a standard per month template site, it will say something like “Welcome | Fred’s Diner”. This is awful when you’re trying to get a high Google ranking. That page title should read something like “Traditional American cuisine in Hampton Roads, VA”. Think about it. If someone knows the name of your church, why would they Google it? So why would put your church’s name on such an important part of your site? And the word “Welcome” is used on BILLIONS of websites.  So why use it on your site?

We also set you up with Google Analytics, and give you access to your site’s performance. You can see where your traffic comes from, where it goes, how long it stays, and more.

So to sum up, we are simply better than what you will find from other template web design companies. Please allow us the opportunity to show you more ways our websites will outperform anything you’ll find anywhere, at the prices we offer. Contact us with any questions you might have.