the facts:

We are seeing a lot of template websites being sold as budget sites for business, often allowing people to choose from thousands of different designs. But web standards keep changing. It would be impossible for anyone to keep 1000 different designs up to date. So why buy a website that was obsolete before you put the first word on it?


One thing to know: “Budget” does NOT mean “cheap”!

the details

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Your business needs an affordable website with all the bells and whistles that will not only look great but give you the ability to make simple changes without having to contact an expensive webmaster every time.

All of our websites give you the ability to change the content on every page of your website. In addition, our websites are mobile phone friendly, and have what Google needs to give your website a great ranking.

Plus, when you’re ready to upgrade to a larger website, we will credit the entire price you paid to the cost of your larger site.

Why pay a monthly fee forever?

Why did we start this budget website program? We kept hearing about $29.99 per month packages from businesses who wanted a good site on a budget. We believe that we got it right. Our websites are far better and more modern than any $29.99 template website you will find.

Our budget content management websites are cheaper, and here’s why:

If you buy a template site for $30.00 per month, you will pay $360.00 per year… every year. Forever. Do our budget websites cost more? Sure they do, at first. But here’s the difference:

After the first year, you are fully paid up, and you owe NOTHING ELSE!

In addition, most of those $30.00 per month website templates are very old, and are difficult to edit. Our websites use the latest technology, are VERY mobile phone friendly, and if you can use Microsoft Word, you can edit your own site content.

We also offer an array of website add-on services like online payment, audio and video streaming and other affordably priced, web-related and marketing services.